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Thursday, September 27, 2012

What Wire Should Use To Wiring Bonsai

Wiring, such a little word, such a BIG subject. If you're new to bonsai, you probably consider wiring a minor part of the art. Nothing is further from the truth. It is true to the extent that it will take more than one article to cover it. The first part will explore the different types of wire, and some of the advantages and disadvantages of each. While not a difficult skill to master, wiring is much more complicated and important an area then one might suspect.

Type of Wire for Bonsai

The two most common types of wire used for bonsai are aluminum-coated wire and copper wire, neither of which harms the tree. Today aluminum-coated wire is more popular than copper wire, which was the wire of tradition. The first thing you must decide is what kind of wire to use. Aluminum or Copper?
aluminum coated wire
Aluminum Coated Wire

Copper wire is easy to find, and when annealed (heated until it turns a glowing red, then cooled) it's fairly easy to bend, and becomes hard as it is bent. This allows a thinner gauge wire to hold a given size branch in place. In addition, it oxidizes rapidly to a deep brown color that blends well with most branches. The disadvantages of copper wire are that it is difficult to remove from the branch, shouldn't be cut with anything other than a bonsai wire cutter, and is difficult to impossible to re-use. Copper wire may still preferable when you are wiring heavy or older trees.

copper wire
Copper Wire

Aluminum-coated wire is easier to use because it is more flexible.  However, aluminum-coated wire does not have the holding power of copper wire, so you must use a heavier weight than you would if you were using copper. Aluminum wire is less readily available, and in it's natural state, is silver in color. It is very unattractive on a branch. On the upside, anodized aluminum wire has the color of aged copper wire, is available from almost any bonsai dealer, is very easy to wrap around branches, and unwrap. This means the same piece can be used over and over. It comes in nine sizes, and the lesser branch holding ability can be overcome by using a thicker gauge.

Wire, like other bonsai supplies is more readily available now than previously. In a hardware store, check the electrical-supply section for copper wire. More information about wire and wiring technique, you can find in this link Bonsai Wiring.
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