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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Advanced Tools for Create and Maintenance Bonsai

As your trees become heavier and thicker and you work on larger material, your skills will become more advanced and you will want to add to your tools collection. Heavier pruners and shears will allow you to make cleaner cuts and will not tear at the plant. A clean cut not only looks better, but makes for a healthier tree. As you begin to use heavier wire, heavier wire cutters will also be needed.

Advanced Tools for Bonsai

Also available are various sizes of branch benders, or levers, which are used when a large trunk or branch, in addition to being wired, must have additional pressure to bend it slowly into different position. Actually the bender works as a combination vise-lever, moving the branch or trunk until it attains the desired placement.
Bonsai lever is for bending branches and is the unlimited lever for controlling difficult branch movements.

Bonsai Branch Bender/ Lever
Bonsai Branch Bender/ Lever

Another tool to consider is a folding saw, which is useful for removing a large branch close to the trunk. The folding saw is also good for working on a heavy root system. Saws of several sizes are a must when you collect trees.

Bonsai Folding Saw
Bonsai Folding Saw
Saws are a must for most root pruning.  Regular root pruning is as necessary to bonsai as regular pruning of branches and foliage.  The main advantage to using a saw instead of your shears is two-fold.  First, using your bonsai shears to cut into the root ball would damage their fine cutting edge.  Second, when using a saw there are not two metal blades coming into contact with one another to sever a root.  We recommend a Japanese style bonsai saw which cuts on the pull strokes. Cutting on the pull stroke prevents the blade from bending, reduces binding and improves smoothness of the cut.

There are many more types of tools needed for the creation and maintenance of your bonsai. But as a bonsai beginner, you only need basic tools as described in Introduction Tools for Creating Bonsai.

The bigger your bonsai, and more expert you are in the bonsai-making techniques, tools that you need increasingly both in number and size, for example bonsai brooms to help keep everything neat and tidy.  You can clean and brush away dead leaves and other debris and even smooth out top soil on your bonsai.  Also very good for keeping your work area clean.

Another tools like digging tools, sharpening device, trunk splitters, turntables, watering devices, graving tools etc. Do not worry you will have to buy it once, you can buy it one by one according to the needs and growth of your bonsai.

Bonsai Trunk Splitter
Bonsai Trunk Splitter
How to Care Your Bonsai Tools?
Taking good care of your tools is an important part of successful bonsai growing. Do not use your bonsai tools for anything other than working on trees. Keep an old pair of scissors on hand for cutting screen and other chores.

Your bonsai tools will come in contact with sap and moisture during their use, causing corrosion. Remove the sap with a cleaner such as turpentine after every use, then wipe them with an oiled cloth and store them in a dry place. With proper maintenance, your bonsai tools will give you years of reliable use.
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